Friday, December 15, 2006

Advantages of Using Laser Printers

By: Bobby Hudson

A decade back, it would have been useless trying to make a choice between an inkjet printer and a laser printer. The prices of the monochrome laser printers were exorbitant. Home users would invariably choose inkjet printers. Currently, the distinctive line between the two has faded and an increasing number of users are opting for laser printers for their user-friendly functionalities. The introduction of color laser printers has also contributed to this boost in the sale of laser printers. Offices, which handle high workload generally, use laser printers. The printer works like a photocopier: The computer generates an image and etches it by using a laser beam.

Advantages of Laser printers

The price of laser printers has reduced considerably over the past few years. It is possible to get a standard monochrome laser printer within $300, like the Brother HL5150D, HP Q5911A - LaserJet 1020 Printer, Okidata 62422001, Samsung ML2010, Xerox-Tektronix 4500N, whereas, previously it would be priced at around $1500. The advantages of a laser printer are multiple, e.g. it is speedier, cheaper, and quieter and produces crisper prints than inkjet printers:

  • It can turn out pages faster than an inkjet printer
  • It is usually quieter than low-cost inkjet printers, therefore, less disturbing
  • Prints crisper and better quality black text and line graphics, than any inkjet printer. The standard (non-color) laser printer usually uses only black ink
  • Toner costs for a laser printer will be lesser per page than refilling/replacing inkjet printer cartridges, in the long run. You can use a single toner cartridge for almost three months without having to change it
  • Color laser printers (e.g. Brother HL2700CN, HP Q6455A, Lexmark 20K1200, Okidata 62421901, Samsung CLP510, Xerox-Tektronix F116MB) may be a trifle costlier than their monochrome counterparts. However, these offer better-quality color output than most low-cost inkjet printers. A laser printer mixes several prime colors to make its image. These yield a much lower cost-per-page than inkjets. They have larger internal memory and are suitable for network printing, like the HP LaserJet 2300 series. Compatible toners are available for these printers
    After a new printer is launched, it generally takes six to twelve months for the compatible or remanufactured supplies to be available. Color laser supplies may require a longer period for research and development. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a discontinued model for readily available supplies. You may also find refurbished or compatible toners for these models

About the Author:
Bobby Hudson writes articles for guide sites like, and, related to the imaging and information supplies industry.


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