Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Digital Photo Printing

Digital photographs are priceless in that they store our memories while retaining the vivid color and quality we originally snapped the shot in. However, one problem many of us face is the lack of any tangible pictures for our photo albums or scrapbooks. Sometimes it’s nice to post a picture of friends or family on the fridge or bulletin board, which photo printing services make painless. It’s a win-win situation, truly. You keep your digital quality images and can pick and choose which ones you want sent in the mail! Consider the following for a picture perfect experience:

  • Personalization - Choosing a service such as Snapfish will allow you to imprint your favorite pictures on mugs, t-shirts, picture frames, stickers, clipboards, and anything else you can imagine.
  • Bulk Images - If you take a ton of pictures, it’s a great idea to use a prepaid bulk print plan, such as the ones offered through Shutterfly. You not only get discount photo prices, they’ll be shipped straight to your mailbox.
  • Online Storage - The last thing you want to happen to your photos is to lose them. PhotoWorks provides two back-up copies of every digital photograph you upload through their service.
  • Great Deals - Many photo printing services like Snapfish offer new customer incentives, such as 20 free prints when you become a member.

Though sharing images online with friends and relatives is quick and entertaining, everyone wants prints they can include in birthday cards or put on their desk at work. Not only can you print exactly which images you’re interested in, individual prints cost mere cents. Photo printing services rescue any of us who dislike buying the ‘whole roll’ or who simply want our favorite digital prints on paper.

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