Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why Buy A Brother Fax?

Brother offers the widest selection of fax machines on the market today, in every technology segment, with models based on color inkjet, laser, thermal transfer and thermal print engines. Brother fax machines also offer comprehensive feature sets that enable you to match our solutions to your specific applications. Our well-deserved reputation for superior quality and value is backed by our generous warranty policy: we provide a full year warranty on all fax machines.

Brother Advantages...

  • A complete line of fax machines for a wide range of home, small business and commercial applications
  • A well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability, plus a compelling price/ performance ratio
  • A leadership position in the fax marketplace, with an on-going tradition of product innovation
  • Comprehensive customer service and support, backed by a strong warranty program

Solutions for every workplace...

Home & Home Office
This category meets the needs of users in a home or home office with relatively light volume fax and copying applications, who are looking for convenience, ease-of-use, and a compact, space-saving design.

Small to Medium Business
For small to medium sized businesses, Brother offers a number of feature-rich products designed to handle higher volume applications and to operate at low cost. The more comprehensive feature sets typical of products in this segment have the flexibility to address the most common business applications.

Workgroup & Commercial
Corporate business environments require fax machines capable of performing higher volume applications. Cost of ownership, paper handling, memory, consumable yield and connectivity are among the features that distinguish the Brother products in this segment.

Features of Brother MFCs / DCPs...

Paper handling
Brother fax machine are available with a range of paper handling options designed to meet workloads of variable volume. Auto document feed capacity, paper capacity, paper loading style and consumable yield are all factors to consider.

The abundant standard memory capacity of Brother fax machines means that many of our products are ready to handle high-volume workloads, right out of the box. The dual access capability of our laser and inkjet models enables users to scan multiple documents into memory while the units are busy sending or receiving. Faxes stored in memory will be sent sequentially, as soon as the line is free.

Convenience copying
Brother fax machines can also take on convenience copying tasks, including making multiple copies, sorting, enlargement and reduction. Our inkjet models even deliver copies in vibrant color.

Telephone & answering machine capability
Brother fax machines are also telephones, with a built-in handset on every model. Some offer full-duplex speakerphones with built-in digital answering machines, capable of storing both fax and voice messages. All models can connect to an external answering machine, support Caller ID and Distinctive Ring Detection services available through local phone companies, and offer a varying number of "one-touch" keys and speed dial locations. Every model also has automatic Fax/Tel switching, to handle both fax and phone calls on a single telephone line.

Connectivity & evolution path
As needs change, so can the capabilities of many Brother fax machines. Connectivity to networks or individual PCs, as well as performance and memory expansion, are all key elements of several Brother fax models.

Every fax machine in the Brother line, at every price or performance level, is backed by a one-year warranty. In the home, home/office and small business categories, this represents a huge competitive advantage.


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