Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Copystar CS 2550

The Copystar 2550 has an incredible 300,000 copies duty and drum cycle! Small Workgroup Multifunctional with Standard Network Print. Optional Network Scanning and Optional Fax/Network Fax. Standard 300 x 2 Paper Drawers and 50 Sheet MPT. Optional 50 Sheet Document Processor, Duplex, Paper Handling and Internal Finisher.

The Copystar cs 2550 can also add Duplex, Paper Handling and Internal Stapler Finisher. The copystar CS 2550 Copier can also add Optional Scanning and Fax/Network Fax.

At 25 pages per minute print speed, the Copystar CS-2550 will keep printing and copying functions moving on at a rapid pace. When a Super G3 fax modem hardware add on is incorporated, transmission speeds can reach as little as 2 seconds per page. Not only can this expansion provide stand alone faxing ability, but also incorporates a network fax feature, allowing all fax functions and speed to be accessed directly from any network PC, including broadcasting to multiple destinations.

Toner TK423 is offered by A1Toners.com via Next Day Free Shipping.



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