Thursday, November 29, 2007

Computer Printers - the Best Choice


A printer is an electronic component that receives data from a computer through a cable and converts it into a series of small dots that form letters or images on paper. The most common types of printer that are being used by consumers today are the ink-jet and laser printers. Printers are devices that allow you to create a hard copy of a file or photo. Originally printers required a special graphic referred to as a bitmap for each of the different typefaces. Today there are few if any printer manufacturers which produce printers requiring printer cartridges, they now use scalable fonts.


Printers are rated by types of resolution, that is measured in DPI or dots per square inch. Because all printers print by a series of dots, printers that do not have high DPI ratings may encounter jaggies. When printing a page you may encounter text which you can noticeably tell has jagged edges. Some technology allows Inkjet and laser printers to print small dots where jaggies are creating them to look like a straight line. If you're old enough to remember daisy wheel printers, you know just how far we've advanced when it comes to printers. Since then there were inkjets and laser printers. Ink jet and Laser printers have memory allowing printer jobs to be stored while others may be completing. Many people still rely on inkjets more than laser printers, which are a relatively cheaper way to print in both color and black and white. Inkjet printers fire thousands of dots to make prints and are not so quite. Other people chose laser printers, which offer better speed and quality than inkjet printers. Laser printers, shoots rows of lights or flashes toward the printing drum to make images. Laser printers are quieter and produce higher quality images.

Thanks to the popularity of home computers and digital cameras, more people have printers in their homes and most of these are inkjet printers. Today, printers have become necessary for many office computers and homes. Note: When in the need to view the controls of a printer you can access them usually from the back or side panel.

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