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What is so good about the IBM Infoprint 1120 Printer?'s most popular product for the past few weeks has been the "IBM 28P2494 Black Laser Toner" for the IBM Printer "Infoprint 1120" and "Infoprint 1125".

Check out these printers on IBM's web-site to see what's so good about these machines: Infoprint 1120, Infoprint 1125.

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Fax Machines Keep Businesses in Close Contact With Clients & Customers

Communication is often the backbone of a business and having a fax machine is vital. When you choose a fax machine, you need the fax machine to be reliable and durable. You need a fax machine that is going to keep working, even after it has received many messages.

Fax machines can be purchased with many features, such as a phone, copier, fax, and printer. This will definitely save you time and money, because you do not have to buy all of these other products. Fax machines can have a wide variety of prices depending on where it is purchased, but if you are looking for the best deal, then you need to shop online. There you will find all your fax machine needs.

At online ecommerce stores, you will find the best selling fax machines at incredibly low prices. Some fax machines are a laser fax, copier, and telephone all in one. A typical fax machine has a modem speed of 33.6 kbps, maximum resolution of 203 x 392 dpi, and a fax memory of 600 pages.

For your convenience, you can get an auto document feed that can take up to 50 sheets. You can fax standard sheet sizes, which are the letter and legal sizes, and with a maximum reduction of 50% and a maximum enlargement of 200% for up to 99 copies.

Some of the features of the telephones on fax machines include auto redial, directory dialing, on-hook dialing, create your own ring, auto fax/telephone switch, speakerphone, and caller ID. Most fax machines come with a manufacturer's limited warranty of one year. These are only a few of the many features that are included popular, high quality fax machines.

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Computer Printers - the Best Choice


A printer is an electronic component that receives data from a computer through a cable and converts it into a series of small dots that form letters or images on paper. The most common types of printer that are being used by consumers today are the ink-jet and laser printers. Printers are devices that allow you to create a hard copy of a file or photo. Originally printers required a special graphic referred to as a bitmap for each of the different typefaces. Today there are few if any printer manufacturers which produce printers requiring printer cartridges, they now use scalable fonts.


Printers are rated by types of resolution, that is measured in DPI or dots per square inch. Because all printers print by a series of dots, printers that do not have high DPI ratings may encounter jaggies. When printing a page you may encounter text which you can noticeably tell has jagged edges. Some technology allows Inkjet and laser printers to print small dots where jaggies are creating them to look like a straight line. If you're old enough to remember daisy wheel printers, you know just how far we've advanced when it comes to printers. Since then there were inkjets and laser printers. Ink jet and Laser printers have memory allowing printer jobs to be stored while others may be completing. Many people still rely on inkjets more than laser printers, which are a relatively cheaper way to print in both color and black and white. Inkjet printers fire thousands of dots to make prints and are not so quite. Other people chose laser printers, which offer better speed and quality than inkjet printers. Laser printers, shoots rows of lights or flashes toward the printing drum to make images. Laser printers are quieter and produce higher quality images.

Thanks to the popularity of home computers and digital cameras, more people have printers in their homes and most of these are inkjet printers. Today, printers have become necessary for many office computers and homes. Note: When in the need to view the controls of a printer you can access them usually from the back or side panel.

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Save 15% When you purchase TWO of the SAME qualifying Original HP Laserjet Print Cartridges

Save 15% When you purchase TWO of the SAME qualifying Original HP Laserjet Print Cartridges now through December 8, 2007.

After mail in rebate. Offer good: 11/23/07 – 12/08/07. Click here to print the coupon.
For additional details or to check your rebate status online, go to Allow four weeks before checking your rebate status online.

Qualifying HP Model's for rebate are: C4127A, C4127X, C7115A, C7115X, Q2612A, Q5942A, Q5942X, Q5949A, Q5949X.

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Dot Matrix Printers aren't a blast from the past

Everyone jumps on board for the latest and greatest technology has to offer. This is no more true that in the printer market. Color photo printers have been a growth market for years. While continuing to drop in price, many of these wonders of the modern technological age no longer even need a computer to be connected to print your photos directly from your digital camera. These print marvels can direct connect using a common USB connection or simply remove the flash memory card from the camera and place it into the printer.

While the growth of laser printing for the office and color photography printing is undeniable, there's a older technology that's critical to running many of the day to day business operations throughout the country. It's considered by many who don't understand the critical nature this technology as nothing more than obsolete.

for all the fantastic technology offered in todays laser, color and photo quality printers, there's 1 thing that none of them have been able to do. This one thing is absolutely critical to business and hasn't been replaced in decades. We're talking of course about the ability to do multiple forms.

And that technology is the lowly dot matrix printer. Now don't laugh. Businesses who deal with the public typically need 1 or more copies of completed forms. These forms have historically been written out by hand and would still need to be done manually if not for the dot matrix printing technology.

Here's why:

A laser printer, which uses high voltage, and iron oxide to place the letters on a sheet of paper. It uses high temperature but the printing head doesn't actually touch the paper itself.

Photo and color copiers use a series of ink jet nozzles to spray the correct colors onto the sheet of paper to create the letters and pictures.

Although very simplistic explanations, the thing to remember is that neither technology comes in direct physical contact with the paper.

Dot Matrix on the other hand modified the technology of the old typewriters. That is, a dot matrix uses a printing ribbon and actually comes in direct contact with the paper. Therefore, a multiple copy form can be printer on a dot matrix printer without a problem.

One of the common complaints about dot matrix printing has been the lack of "letter quality." To this end the industry, lead by Okidata, developed a 24 contact pin print head that delivers very acceptable printing.

Although the dot matrix printer should probably not be considered as a replacement for your laser printer at the office, recognize that it's far from obsolete and plays an important role in many businesses throughout the country.

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Why Buy A Brother Fax?

Brother offers the widest selection of fax machines on the market today, in every technology segment, with models based on color inkjet, laser, thermal transfer and thermal print engines. Brother fax machines also offer comprehensive feature sets that enable you to match our solutions to your specific applications. Our well-deserved reputation for superior quality and value is backed by our generous warranty policy: we provide a full year warranty on all fax machines.

Brother Advantages...

  • A complete line of fax machines for a wide range of home, small business and commercial applications
  • A well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability, plus a compelling price/ performance ratio
  • A leadership position in the fax marketplace, with an on-going tradition of product innovation
  • Comprehensive customer service and support, backed by a strong warranty program

Solutions for every workplace...

Home & Home Office
This category meets the needs of users in a home or home office with relatively light volume fax and copying applications, who are looking for convenience, ease-of-use, and a compact, space-saving design.

Small to Medium Business
For small to medium sized businesses, Brother offers a number of feature-rich products designed to handle higher volume applications and to operate at low cost. The more comprehensive feature sets typical of products in this segment have the flexibility to address the most common business applications.

Workgroup & Commercial
Corporate business environments require fax machines capable of performing higher volume applications. Cost of ownership, paper handling, memory, consumable yield and connectivity are among the features that distinguish the Brother products in this segment.

Features of Brother MFCs / DCPs...

Paper handling
Brother fax machine are available with a range of paper handling options designed to meet workloads of variable volume. Auto document feed capacity, paper capacity, paper loading style and consumable yield are all factors to consider.

The abundant standard memory capacity of Brother fax machines means that many of our products are ready to handle high-volume workloads, right out of the box. The dual access capability of our laser and inkjet models enables users to scan multiple documents into memory while the units are busy sending or receiving. Faxes stored in memory will be sent sequentially, as soon as the line is free.

Convenience copying
Brother fax machines can also take on convenience copying tasks, including making multiple copies, sorting, enlargement and reduction. Our inkjet models even deliver copies in vibrant color.

Telephone & answering machine capability
Brother fax machines are also telephones, with a built-in handset on every model. Some offer full-duplex speakerphones with built-in digital answering machines, capable of storing both fax and voice messages. All models can connect to an external answering machine, support Caller ID and Distinctive Ring Detection services available through local phone companies, and offer a varying number of "one-touch" keys and speed dial locations. Every model also has automatic Fax/Tel switching, to handle both fax and phone calls on a single telephone line.

Connectivity & evolution path
As needs change, so can the capabilities of many Brother fax machines. Connectivity to networks or individual PCs, as well as performance and memory expansion, are all key elements of several Brother fax models.

Every fax machine in the Brother line, at every price or performance level, is backed by a one-year warranty. In the home, home/office and small business categories, this represents a huge competitive advantage.

Digital Photo Printing

Digital photographs are priceless in that they store our memories while retaining the vivid color and quality we originally snapped the shot in. However, one problem many of us face is the lack of any tangible pictures for our photo albums or scrapbooks. Sometimes it’s nice to post a picture of friends or family on the fridge or bulletin board, which photo printing services make painless. It’s a win-win situation, truly. You keep your digital quality images and can pick and choose which ones you want sent in the mail! Consider the following for a picture perfect experience:

  • Personalization - Choosing a service such as Snapfish will allow you to imprint your favorite pictures on mugs, t-shirts, picture frames, stickers, clipboards, and anything else you can imagine.
  • Bulk Images - If you take a ton of pictures, it’s a great idea to use a prepaid bulk print plan, such as the ones offered through Shutterfly. You not only get discount photo prices, they’ll be shipped straight to your mailbox.
  • Online Storage - The last thing you want to happen to your photos is to lose them. PhotoWorks provides two back-up copies of every digital photograph you upload through their service.
  • Great Deals - Many photo printing services like Snapfish offer new customer incentives, such as 20 free prints when you become a member.

Though sharing images online with friends and relatives is quick and entertaining, everyone wants prints they can include in birthday cards or put on their desk at work. Not only can you print exactly which images you’re interested in, individual prints cost mere cents. Photo printing services rescue any of us who dislike buying the ‘whole roll’ or who simply want our favorite digital prints on paper.

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Custom Printing With Online Printers vs Local Printers

This debate has been thrown around for quite some time now, pinning online printers versus local printers. Jobs like custom printing, among others are caught in the middle of this spider web or so it seems.

You local printers can be your online printers and vice versa. However, what differs is the manner on how you can get in touch with the printer you want and where they are located, in respect to your own address.

In this day and age, there are many things you can find advantageous when you work with an online printing company. And the many concerns you were afraid of before can easily be dismissed too. Because sometimes, all you need is the right online printing company.

Custom printing with online printers is no complicated matter. The online printing sites are now fully equipped with features to help you go about your printing. There are plenty of resources too to help you in your custom printing.

Printing companies provide you with free technical assistance and free proofing service where a PDF proof will be mailed to you. There are even free mailing service and design assistance available. All of these are possible provided you find the right printing partner.

Nevertheless, online printing companies can adequately attend to your needs as much as your local printers do. If you think otherwise, here are the advantages you can gain from online printing. Here too are some clarifications on some misconceptions on online printing companies.

1. Through online printing, you can source out the best value for your custom printing job. This is not only with regards to prices, but you can gauge and check the printer's expertise and printing service program through different reviews and the like.

2. With online printing, you can easily be informed of the latest options, developments and promotions companies are currently opening. This keeps you on your toes and you can fully benefit from such information.

3. You can build a relationship with your online printer as sales representatives are more keen on giving you what you need to make you satisfied. Professional printing companies too have customer service programs that helps satisfy the clients even better. They may give you a first timer's discount and as you go on, you may even reward you better.

4. Proofs are of little concern when it comes to online printing. As mention earlier, there are printing companies who give out free proofing service, even without any commitments to orders or any upfront payments.

They can email you a PDF proof or you can order a hard copy proof which can be shipped to your door the next day.

5. With custom print jobs, you can communicate with your printers with no problem. You can go at lengths describing your printing job online as you order. Printing companies will even call you and even email you to confirm the details that you need.

6. With online custom printing, you can easily avail of other complementary services that would make your printing project complete. You can have your prints shipped to you or sent out through mailing service.

Choose a custom printing company online and get an in-depth knowledge on printing, on the printing company of your choice, and the kind of custom print quality you deserve. In this manner, you can have your prints, fast, quick and easy without frequent trips to the printer.

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